Site Spinner V2 Review

Expert , intermediate and beginner

Submitted by dai08 on Tue, 2011-02-15 15:14.
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The lowest price: 41.65$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Its the best HTML maker
Good software but i guess something is missing

I guess that this software is missing something I’ve used this software before and its not very user friendly and its true that this software is well known..
I think that it needs an selection of expertise:
So that it fits the customer/consumer needs for example for the BEGINNER no code just drag and drop the items no need the skills of HTML
For INTERMEDIATE window is divided in two set of units left is the output/preview with drag and drop and right is the html/php code of of site so that when they have additional knowledge they can add it directly to the codes..
Then for EXPERT list all codes then they only choose whether they preview when like or when they finished.
Because not all people know about HTML CODES and if they know and wants to add something they can add or edit the code immediately.
You know the reason why they buy your product is because they lack of skills
Then it must have and direct support or ticket support submission when they click it. It shows an open ticket and closed tickets to see if the technical support answer their issue or not then it brings closeness to your company and customer.
YOU must also open an add on like CMS creator or personalized content management software development that they can edit professionally in this software including instant theme changer and then the articles and links can be edited online through what they personally created CMS in their site like STORE CLASSIFIEDS OR ADS OR FORUM
OR you must put a new business venture to CMS


It must have a selection of user skills or ability