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Mozilla Firebird

Submitted by Fabry85 on Fri, 2011-02-18 14:09.
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As perhaps not everyone knows, Internet Explorer is not the 'unique browsers for S. O. Windows; to all 'now have several alternatives that deserve to be explored.
What we analyze in this article is Mozilla Firebird, a browser created as an offshoot of the Mozilla project which brings with it many new features. This is an open source browser (entirely free of ad-spy-bloat / ware) that requires no particular skill to be installed and used.

We see in detail how to install and how it behaves, eventually drawing some conclusions.
Installation and Setup

Mozilla Firebird is unfortunately not equipped with an official installer, is distributed to 'within a single ZIP file of about 6 megabytes that can be unpacked in any directory of your choice.

When you first run Mozilla Firebird will create a user profile in a default folder whose location changes from SO to S.O.

It is easy to notice the simplicity of the menu and 's interface, and of course there is a search engine (Google in this case) to' internal navigation bar itself.

Despite the installation in itself is already over, we recommend taking a' look at your situation plugins via the 'special command about: plugins to type in the address bar.
As a result it is expected to appear with a page listing all plugins on your SO for this browser, in case you are missing, you are always someone here to get a jump those who are missing.

Let us now see the various aspects to be configured for the 'optimal use of Mozilla Firebird.

From the Options menu (Tools - Options) you can set the main aspects, namely:

* [General] allows you to set aspects of the home page, to set the SO for the default browser, the connection parameters;
* [Privacy] allows you to set the aspects of temporary files (history, cache), the AutoComplete function, the policies of Coke;
* [Web Features] allows you to set aspects of the manager to pop-up, the policies of Java and JavaScript, to 'use of fonts and colors;
* [Downloads] allows you to set the actions of the browser, depending on the type of files being implemented;
* [Themes] allows you to install / uninstall the themes of your browser;
* [Extensions] allows you to set the matter relating to the extensions installed;
* [Advanced] allows you to set the security aspects, the resizing of images, the smooth scrolling, the use of tab browsing.

All of these settings are fairly self-explanatory, with some refinements to do. To get rid of pop-up is not necessary to disable Java and JavaScript, we automatically think Mozilla Firebird leaving to manage a 'user the option to block depending on the site on which it stands. Thanks to the Plug-Ins menu options [Downloads] you can choose whether to open a document or a media file directly in the browser or if you prefer to save it locally, without having to declare that every time the browser what to do.


Once you see the connection parameters are OK, you're ready to begin using this browser.