Luxor: Amun Rising Review

More Captivating Than Luxor And A Lot of Other Action-Puzzle Gam

Submitted by myreview on Sun, 2011-02-20 03:33.
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Unlimited game play offers you a series of challenging levels that can be accomplished by nearly anyone that has adequate hand and eye coordination. The game does not make you feel frustrated as the spheres that can be flung to the tracks by the scarab are the ones you can use.
Luxor: Amun Rising should not be played without music as it will be much less interesting. Uou can't look away from the monitor while playing the game and must pause it or else you will have a longer line that increases your chances of losing the level.

Luxor: Amum Rising is a great game definitely made better! The graphics are vivid and clear, the music harkens ancient Egypt. When you play this game, you will be transported for a short period of time to a challenge that captivates you. Similar to a match 3 game, the objective is to remove all the spheres and prevent even one from exiting the end of the track, go to the next level, and accomplish all the levels to complete the quest. As you conquer each level, the next one has a slight increase in difficulty. The way the tracks look in the Luxor: Amun Rising game is varied, making each new level a lot more interesting that the first version of this game, Luxor. The spheres are much larger and easier to view. The power-up items such as jewels, coins, or stones with colorful hieroglyphics or drawings that are suddenly appear as you make an good match or hit help keep you in alert, as these have to be caught by the scarab which you use to shoot up the spheres to the tracks. Accuracy is a must as if you make a mistake and land a sphere near a color that is not the same - it will take you at least two extra moves to get rid of it. This will make the line of spheres currently going through the tracks longer. You can get rid of all the spheres and proceed to the next level even if you are not able to catch any of the power-up items, but - these help make the game more rewarding and enables you to reverse, stop, slow down, zap, or even eliminate all the spheres.


The ease of use and simplicity of execution of this action-puzzle game can make it a favorite. It is a very pleasant way to pass the time or take a break. It is a must-have for all those who love Luxor and for those who want a game that offers not to much of a challenge that will envelope them good graphics and great audio.