Mad Caps Review

Mad Caps - Hints of Recycling

Submitted by Bartleby Chevenix on Tue, 2007-04-03 17:24.
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Simple gameplay, easy controls, recycling subplot
Basic music and graphics, not much depth

The title I've put above may confuse you a bit but actually, the game does seem to be promoting recycling! Let's look at what we have to do and you'll realize what I mean.

You have to swap certain bottle caps around in a grid to get three or more in a row or diagonal from each other for them to disappear and more to arrive. We have to match up glass, plastic, clothes in the right bins don't we? And then when it's collected, we put more in! See the connections?

The graphics for this agme are good, but not stunning. They're perfectly fine for the game that they're used in. Pity they never designed the caps as real ones i.e matching up coke lids.

The music is also on par though it doesn't do any wonders.

The gameplay is nice and simple which is always a good thing and the controls are as easy as pie. The game doesn't ahve any depth at all, apart from the aforementioned recycling subplot the game seems to have.


Give this a shot but don't expect brilliance.