Xeno Assault 2 Review

Not often that I am this surprised

Submitted by drumnstar182 on Thu, 2007-04-05 06:06.
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Fun, addictive, creative,
a little confusing at times

Let me be honest, I am cheap. I don't spend money on something I can get for free, like computer games. Especially the typical shooter game. But after playing this game on a friend's computer, I had to buy it for myself.

Wait until you get to the last level, you will be wondering why the game isn't giving Halo competition.

The game is really fast paced. I love fast paced games like this, it certainly won't bore you. That is not to say that it is so fast you can't keep up. It takes a while to catch on to some things. Like the ship being on the right of the screen which is weird, but different. And it is hard to tell between certain blasts and shields.

It is a typical sideshooting shooter arcade game. Everything seems really high tech. It is pretty cool, the graphics are impressive not for being 3D or having good special effects, but just for being creative and looking really high tech. The music is weird but awesome, different from your typical shooter game, and also high tech.

The game is easy to instal, and easy to control. you have shields so you aren't constantly starting over. Your weapon is cool.

Each level is really different which is important. It isn't the same thing with a different background, you actually have to do different stuff.

This is a complex game for such a cheap, small game, you don't even need that great of a system to play the game. You even get to chose from a good selection of resolutions. The ship is even 3D. And once you beat the game, you get to do it all over again at a harder level. Free shooter games can't give you all that!

And the boss at the end is mad cool.


For me to say that something is worth 20$ means a lot, and this game is worth 20$