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Ace Utilities

Submitted by DonDanu on Sat, 2011-03-12 00:44.
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The lowest price: 25.46$
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Ace Utilities is very powrful and safe. It cleans up junk files and the registry fast and efficiently without the worry of deleting files you need.
Too classic interface, could be more better and bigger plus possibility to resize it. Little more additional options, like System Tweak or System Control should be added.

Ace Utilities is a set of system-maintenance and optimization utilities for enhancing Windows performance. Tools include Unneeded File Remover, for regaining valuable disk space, Registry Cleaner, for preventing application crashes, Startup Organizer, for preventing spy applications from running behind your back, History Eraser, for ensuring your privacy, Duplicate File Finder, for finding and removing duplicate files, Dead Shortcut Fixer, for fixing and removing shortcut and Start menu errors, Uninstaller Plus, for uninstalling applications correctly, Disk Analysis, for analyzing your hard disk, Secure Delete, for deleting files permanently, and Cookie and Plug-in managers, for erasing the history of more than 200 applications. Your computer will boot faster and run applications more smoothly. The program will help you delete your Internet cache, cookies, temp files, visited page history, and all other recent document info.


Price for such essential optimizing suite isn't too much. Strong, detailed and through cleaning tools. After optimizing with Ace, your personal computer will run like brand new. Overall, I believe it is a good software.