Registry Mechanic Review

Be ware of Registry Mechanic

Submitted by oliverbroom on Thu, 2011-03-17 16:04.
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Very useful to delete unused registry entries that slow your PC down; it can start optimizing your PC thanks to the auto-boot start feature; the latest versions' restore points actually work.
Deleting the wrong entry can mean a lot of trouble; you have to double check the autostart option from time to time because sometimes it does not start(so much for a registry optimizer to begin with); the trial version is not all that useful to appreciate this product, so it is basically a leap of faith.

Of all the registry cleaners that Windows needs to make this o.s. run smoothly, you have to be aware that Registry Mechanic will go all the way in the registry keys if you let it.

This is not a software for the complete beginner, as I can certainly testify that. I have been using this software for years, and some of its previous version literally destroyed hours and hours of work.When that happened it was the version number 7, and it had done a long way since then.

The current version of Registry Mechanic( at the moment) is clearly more beginner friendly, but I would not advise anyway beginner to completely depend on this application when it comes to registry entry.

It is very useful to delete unbroken registry keys, and to delete useless entries created by frequent processes of installations and uninstallations. But the wrong entry deletion could easily let you down like it did to me: without Internet a with a damaged system that won't do anything until properly formatted. And that means time and avoidable effort.


In my opinion, this application is going to be better in the future and it needs still a little user responsible usage. Totally a must for experienced Windows users that need to install many applications like me, as my perpetual defragmenting of my hard-disk can do only so much at once.