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Submitted by moksh69 on Sun, 2007-04-08 14:36.
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A great software , good voice clarity, great features, very user friendly and great value for money.
Nothing much at this point of time i am happy with the features,but a person with not much technical knowledge might need some help for installation.I would love to see some improvements though like adding bandwidth in case of radio signals.

Sound Snooper for me is nothing but a spy software .Of course you can argue that it has lot of other uses like , radio broadcasts logging , employee monitoring ,phone call recording and monitoring.
So What does Sound Snooper do? Lets get to basics first.

1. It can record all conversations originating from your PC.
2. It has Multiple sound card support which means its can record from multiple sound cards simultaneously.
3. You don’t have to switch it on every time.Due to its Voice activated recording feature it automatically starts and stops recording, so only voice will be recorded.
4. Stealth recording
5. It supports all popular sound formats like GSM, ADPCM, MP3, PCM
6. Low system resources requirements. It wont be a burden on your system

Sound snooper is great software. The clarity of sound is very good .Its stealth feature ensures that you don’t get exposed spying on somebody. Since it operates automatically you wont have lot of blank spaces .

I run a civil engineering company and I decided to try it when I found out that the quotations from my company were being leaked which resulted in our company loosing contracts. Having installed it I have already got rid of two employees who were responsible for leaking information. Sound snooper has helped me save quite a good amount of money .
In my personal opinion it will sell like hot cakes as it has been projected as a spy software. Just think it will be of use to each and every couple who doubt each other with one trying to outsmart the other. In the age of internet crimes involving children sound trooper has come handy to me as a parent in monitoring my child’s activities. In fact I just caught by 14 year old son indulging in adult talk on the net. .There is always scope for improvement and I believe it will be done in the course of time.


Its a great software and will be of great help for doctors who record conversations, businessmen like me in monitoring employees, for parents to monitor their child's activities and not to forget to spy on others.As of now I am very content and give a thumbs up to the makers of the software.