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Submitted by Lyreks on Wed, 2011-04-06 02:43.
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Very light program. Doesn't have any outstanding annoyances. Works like a charm.

As a small-time business manager, it seems that when an abnormality occurs, all hell breaks loose and I'm flooded with many tasks with respective due dates. This is very overwhelming as I suffer from a minor memory-loss issue and can rarely remember specific events and pull things I need to do out of thin air. StickyNote happens to be just the fix I need!

I realize there are other alternatives to purchasing a program to act as your memory, but sometimes alarms, calendars, and planners just don't seem to keep me alert. Having a vibrant, virtual piece of paper on your desktop can sure seem to catch your eye often, so I am always aware of what has to be done and even what order.

Actual sticky notes has always been an option, but when I experimented with this, more than half the time I would forget what I'd been doing moments prior to retrieving my stack of notes, and even when I did, it was rare for me to recall what had just recently run across my mind. With this product, remembrance is only a few clicks away.


Purchasing this product would strengthen one's scheduling by a large margin, especially if they're like me in the same aspect.