Alien Shooter Review

Alien Shooter

Submitted by Jody404 on Sat, 2011-04-09 19:11.
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It has nice weapons; and it has a lot of action in it.
The game doesn't look real realistic it freezes a lot. Also has it is a kiddy like game.

Your goal is to acquire vital items (key cards, explosives), eliminate the alien monsters and head to the goal. At first sight the game looks fun for a moment with all the mysterious atmosphere, dark corridors, dead bodies and so on. Every mission is big and each of them have secret areas where you get some extra equipment and power ups. The game gets more tense when the aliens start to charge at you. The alien monsters have some variety according to their looks and their attack style. Some are reused by changing their colors which is a cheap trick in gaming design. It is pretty easy to kill them, just move around with the WASD keys and aim/shoot with your mouse. As you progress you will earn money where you can upgrade your gear by buying weapons, items and armors. There are variety of weapons that each of them has their own purpose and ability. You can buy armor sets to increases defense, some biological boosts to enhance your skill points, a handful of medical supplies to heal wounds and even flashlights to see well in the dark.
Although as you reach near the end of the game, the game becomes a total kill house. The enemies get stronger and their numbers increase. All you have to do is run continuously (avoiding their attacks and being surrounded) and shoot down anything that is coming towards you. It is so mindless that you get easily killed at any chance. The game loses its purposes as you shoot down aliens even without aiming since they are everywhere. On the other hand, if you are thirsty for blood you will love the aftermath whenever a battle finishes. You will see loads of bloody alien carcasses lying on the floor, some are chopped into pieces and gallons of blood smeared all over the place. The game has very catchy background musics that will keep up the tension of the game. Don't expect the sound effects to be realistic since the same sound effects are used over and over again.


If you are plain type of person that likes old fashion shoot em up games this game is definitely for you.