Label Wizard Review

Great Program, but a bit expensive

Submitted by thecomputingexpert on Fri, 2007-04-13 11:33.
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The lowest price: 16.96$
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WYSIWYG Interface, Simple 1 click interface, Plenty of help and support in the program and online, Changing settings is easy
A bit overpriced for what it can do, No print preview option, Ability to save is hidden but still available

Label Wizard from LEDSET Software, is the perfect solution for printing off address labels. It is packed with options and a simple interface make it very easy to use once you understand what to do, it took me a little over a minute to have finished my first set of labels from looking at the program for the first time.

The installation of the program was simple, although it did download as a .ZIP file, so if you are not using Windows 2000 or higher then you'll need a ZIP extractor program. Once I had extracted the files, the application installed in three clicks and launched automatically at the end.

My first impressions of the program was that it didn't use the standard Windows interface many people are used to (menubar, toolbar etc.) instead the main area houses 8 labels, and on the right there are 4 buttons. Buttons are large and clearly labelled so you know which perform which function.

There is a very handy settings window which allows you to change most things about the labels, including: font colour, font family, senders text, logo, print borders on/off, label sheets size (A4, Letter or Legal), label size (margins, spacing etc.) and the ability to save the setup or open a previous setup (this is similar to Save As or Open).

As default when the program opens it will open the previous setup, even if you haven't saved it. Printing is simple as well, just click the 'Print Label Sheet' button and the print dialog will appear for you to choose your printer and then print the sheet. The program is lacking a Print Preview function but this is because of the WYSIWYG ('What you see is what you get') interface.

The program has plenty of help, for example on the settings window, if you hover over a button, a speech bubble will appear telling you what that button does in simple plain English. In the bottom right of the window, there is a box called Quick Instructions, this tells you clearly how to use the program. There is also a link to an online user guide to help you.


Overall, I am impressed with this program, it is easy to use with quite a nice interface, it takes very little work to produce the labels.