Webroot Spy Sweeper

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The lowest price: $26.95

PC Magazine's Best of the Year 2004 for antispyware, Spy Sweeper now scans for spyware 30% faster. Spy Sweeper detects and successfully removes vicious programs like CoolWebSearch. For advanced protection, Active Shields defend your browser and operating system from attempted spyware installations.

Weave Words

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The lowest price: $17.99

Weave Words is a fun computer word game where you play to uncover well known phrases and sayings. The game presents you with a hexagonal grid of letter tiles, which must be used to create words of three or more letters. Once a word is made, you are awarded points based on its length and content (like Scrabble).

Ideal Calendar

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The lowest price: $18.00

The IDEAL Calendar allows the user to insert an unlimited amount of occasions. The program displays a dialog and plays a sound on the selected occasions.

EZ-DJ Plus

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The lowest price: $16.99

Anyone can mix music like a pro with EZ-DJ Plus. EZ-DJ Plus is a revolutionary program that lets anyone mix high quality DJ sets from MP3s, and have fun doing it!

SpyFighter Cleaner Pro

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The lowest price: $26.96

SpyFighter Cleaner Pro consists of two very powerful software modules that will take care of the security of your computer and safety of your private information.


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The lowest price: $27.99

Gazillionaire is the award-winning game of business strategy. It was selected as a FINALIST in the Ziff-Davis Shareware of the Year Awards and was ranked in the Top 5 of all strategy games.

O&O Defrag Professional

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The lowest price: $40.46

The new O&O Defrag Professional Edition for Windows-based workstations unlocks the hidden Performance of your computer.

Bricks Of Epypt

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The lowest price: $17.95

At its core, Bricks of Egypt is an Arkanoid clone, but it goes beyond replicating the frequently imitated art of busting bricks to place a refreshing emphasis on creative level design.


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The lowest price: $29.96

The Home Edition records EVERYTHING (including Web sites, Chat, Email and AOL). It is the best choice for parents who wish to monitor what their children are doing online. It is an excellent alternative to standard filtering and blocking software.

Coffee Tycoon

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The lowest price: $17.95

Coffee Tycoon gives sim games a jolt of caffeine! It's packed with awesome graphics, tons of features, and lots of fun!