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SWF Text is an author tool of Flash text animation. It embraces 150+ text effects and 20+ background effects, and users may also customize all the properties of a Flash, including font, text color, and layout, etc. With SW FText, a user without any experience of Flash development can easily create a Flash banner or an introductory page within a few minutes. And all you need do is to input text, select font and animation effects. While a veteran Flash designer may use SWF Text for text animation in a project, which sure greatly saves your time and effort.

Key Benefits:

* Spend Less Time: With its user-friendly interface, SWF Text is simple and easy to use for even a user without any experience of Flash development. SWF Text enables you to create a Flash text animation with just a few clicks, saving your time on Flash development courses.
* Spend Less Money: With SWF Text, you'll be glad to find that there is no need to employ Flash designers for Flash text animation or to spend money on expensive Flash development tools and endless training courses.
* Rich Effect Library: So far, SWF Text embraces 150+ text effects and 20+ background effects. Each of these effects further includes a series of internal properties, and you may achieve different animation results by setting the properties. More wonderful effects will be added to the effect library in following upgraded versions.
* Powerful and Flexible Customized Animation Properties: With SWF Text, users can customize a final Flash movie by presetting all the properties, including movie size, movie playback speed, background color, background image, background animation effect, text, text animation effect, font, text color, text alpha transparency, text size, text's horizontal and vertical position, text spacing, and website linked to by the movie.

Software Features:

* Extremely easy to use. Enter text and select effects and you can create a Flash movie in 5 minutes.
* Even a user without any experience of Flash development can easily create various complicated Flash text animation effects.
* Supports customized setting of the size and playback speed of a Flash movie.
* Disables right-click context menu of a Flash movie.
* Produces Flash movies in compressed format, saving your disk space and download bandwidth of your web site.
* The background of a Flash movie can be transparent, or be filled up with solid color, gradient color, and image.
* Better animation effect is achieved by flexible grouping of 150+ text effects and 20+ background effects.
* More animation results are possible by customizing properties of the effects.
* Independent of language. Supports both single-byte character sets and multi-byte character sets.
* A Flash movie may contain more than one page, and each page may have more than one line of letters.
* Has the ability to use all the fonts you have installed in your computer.
* Supports comprehensive customization of text properties, including style, color, size, transparency, position, and spacing, etc.
* Specific page may be opened automatically in web browser with left-click over the movie or upon the end of its playback. This option is useful in creating Flash banners and introductory pages.
* Ability to add MP3 or WAV file to the Flash movie as background sound effect.
* Current settings may be saved up for later use.
* While creating a Flash movie, you may choose to generate the HTML code which can be used to include the movie in your web page at the same time.
* Preview Window will be automatically refreshed upon any property change of the Flash movie you are working.
* No Quibble 30-day Money-back Guarantee.
There is a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on SWF Text, even though you also have 30 days to try it for free before registering! The 30-day money-back period starts at the time of registration. If you buy now you will be enjoying all the benefits of the registered version within minutes!

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Animation made easy.

By mooizz on Sat, 2007-04-21 15:16
Pros: A simple interface with a wide range of features, which give you maximum results for your animations.
Cons: No such cons but a new window for every preview makes it very complicated and annoying.
Banner creating and animation editing made simple, the name is SWFtext. This software maximizes performance by making it easy to animate text and banners, someting which is not so easy when using...
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SWFText, Well worth the price tag

By thecomputingexpert on Fri, 2007-04-13 12:39
Pros: Produces professional looking animation, Ability to create buttons with it, Clear and easy to use interface, Plenty of effects
Cons: Should all be in one window instead of separate windows for settings and preview
SWFText from AntsSoft is well worth the price tag. The program is simple to use and an updating preview every time you change something, makes it even better to work with. The installation went...
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SWFText is an easy to use program

By khelweg on Tue, 2006-10-17 14:26
Pros: Easy to learn, very easy to use. Has a good variety of effects to use. Most everything is configurable, from the size of your animation, size and color of the backround, and text. Great for the person that has no flash experience, but always wanted to make a flash animation. This is not just for banner ads.
Cons: Although it has a lot of effects built in to the program, I wish it had even more. Not really a "con" just would love to see this program expanded upon.
I have used this program for the last six months as an aid in making my first few websites. Having absolutly no experience in flash, I found this program very easy to use. The program is mainly used...
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SWFText: Banner Making in its Most Simplistic Form

By marymag on Sat, 2006-05-06 06:38
Pros: Incredibly easy, almost no learning curve needed.
Cons: Previewing background effects.
Did you ever wonder how those annoying banner/ads on websites are created? SWFText is a program with one purpose, flash-banner making. After downloading, I didn’t notice that help was located in...