Audio & Mp3

SoundTaxi Professional

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The lowest price: $24.29

SoundTaxi Professional removes DRM protection from music files with a few clicks. You can play these converted music files with Media Player or any MP3 players including iPod, audio CD player, Zune,...

Midi Maestro MM4

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The lowest price: $89.95

MIDI Maestro is music software designed for use by amateur and professional music directors, conductors, and soloists in live musical theater and similar musical accompaniment situations. Dynamic,...

AT&T Natural Voices

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The lowest price: $29.00

The AT&T Natural Voices™ speech engine comes bundled with two US English voices, Mike and Crystal, in either 16khz or 8khz versions. You can add the Natural Voices™ engine to your purchase, or if...

IPSwitcher Basic

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The lowest price: $18.00

Are you a mobile user? Do you need to use your computer in more than one network? Do you have multiple types of Internet connections? Then IPSwitcher Basic is a product for you! It has been developed...


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The lowest price: $26.95

NGWave is a fast Audio Editor for Windows. Features include unmatched wave display technology, full 32-Bit internal processing, lightening fast editing, unlimited Undo/Redo, many processing functions, and much more. Record sound using any installed sound card.

MP3 Doctor Pro

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The lowest price: $26.05

MP3Doctor is an editing tool that lets you check, modify, and improve your MP3 and WAV files. You can repair imperfect songs or modify them with trimming, equalizing, and resampling. The goal is to let you maintain similar quality, volume, and sound on all your MP3s. In addition, the program converts MP3 files to WAV and vice versa. Moreover, the program can handle ID3 tags of MP3 files.

Advanced WMA Workshop

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The lowest price: $21.21

Hundreds of utilities out there offer users a pocketknife's worth of tools for encoding audio. Advanced WMA Workshop succeeds where others fail time and time again. It's quick, it looks good, and it supports the most popular file formats around.

n-Track Studio

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The lowest price: $45.90

n-Track Studio is a multitrack recorder for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. A complete recording studio in your PC: all you need is a card and some free space on your hard disk to store audio data.

Replay Music

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The lowest price: $35.96

When it comes to music on the Internet, you have two legal choices: you can stream tracks, or you can purchase them as individual downloads.

Virtual DJ Studio

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The lowest price: $35.96

VDJ3 is a virtual mixing console for DJs. You can play multiple MP3 and Wave files, with tempo/pitch control for beat-matching. Plus, easily set a configurable number of 'lines', each of which has its own MP3/WAV file player, volume control, pitch/tempo control, and other options. The program includes a 10-band EQ, plugin support, integrated File Navigator, and Playlist Editor.