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Home Plan Pro helps you draw good-quality, straightforward home plan designs. It features a built-in fax driver; multiple drawing layers; metric or USA measurements; dozens of fill patterns; and hundreds of resizeable figures.


* Integrated on-line help
* Multiple drawing layers
* Built-in fax driver faxes your plans anywhere in the world
* Metric or USA Measurements
* Dozens of Fill Patterns
* Draw with Mouse and Keyboard
* Hundreds of Resizeable, Rotatable Figures
* Print on any paper your Windows printer driver supports
* Choose drawing colors, line styles, fill patterns, etc.
* Draw objects from a few inches to thousands of feet in size
* Resolutions down to 1/16 of an Inch when zoomed in
* Save Drawing in bitmap or vector format
* Optional, Adjustable Snap Grid
* keep an Activity Log to track your time on each plan
* Fill any Wall with framing, patterns or solid colors
* Calculate Square Feet or Meters
* Clip and Save Sections for Use in Other Drawings
* Delete Drawing Objects or User-defined Sections
* Dozens of Fill Patterns
* Draw with Mouse and Keyboard
* Hundreds of Resizeable, Rotatable Figures
* Measure Cursor Movement with On-screen "Odometers"
* Multiple Line Styles
* Multiple Text Sizes
* Repeat or Clone the Last Action
* Resize All or Part of Drawings
* Undo/Redo the Last Action
* View & Delete Individual Elements from Drawing
* Zoom In or Out

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Design your Plan like a Pro

By dstinsman on Sat, 2006-02-04 05:28
Pros: Comprehensive help features, practical capabilities such as faxing from within the application, good use of screen real estate.
Cons: First-time users may be a bit overwhelmed by the initial complexity of the interface. Practice, practice, practice!
Home Plan Pro is a very functional tool for creating a visual representation of a floor plan. It enables the user to produce a 2-dimensional scale diagram using real-world building elements with...