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Publisher: Next Generation Software, Inc.
The lowest price: $26.95

NGWave is a fast Audio Editor for Windows. Features include unmatched wave display technology, full 32-Bit internal processing, lightening fast editing, unlimited Undo/Redo, many processing functions, and much more. Record sound using any installed sound card.

NGWave recording dialog features a built-in mixer to let you adjust your input levels for the sound card currently in use. The interface is completely customizable, letting you select colors manually, or choose from one of several predefined "presets". NGWave also offers a Preview function in the File Open dialog, and displays various information on MP3 and WAV files.

NGWave offers a full-range of advanced audio editing features:

* Support for WAV and MP3 files
* Full 24-Bit/192 kHz support
* Support for extremely large files
* Full MIDI Hardware Control
* Pleasant and intuitive interface
* Full Crash Recovery and Session Saving
* Realtime Preview on all processing functions
* Many exclusive recording features, such as:
o Integrated Metronome
o Built-In Audio Mixer
o Exclusive: Integrated Frequency Tuner
o Automatically correct DC Offset
o Realistic Analog VU metering
o Accurate LED VU and Time Display
* Many Advanced Program Options
* Saved Presets on All Processing Functions

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Best audio editor on the market?

By iron_man on Wed, 2007-03-21 08:52
Pros: This program will save a lot of time, easy to use, incredible features (especially for recording)
Cons: A little too many feautres
If any of you reading this have used audio editors for things like music editing on a mixtape or editing sounds for videos then this is the program to use! Its simple to even first time users to get...
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NGWave: A program well worth the wallet's investment.

By whatever1992 on Sat, 2007-02-24 21:34
Pros: 1. Quite an extensive array of features 2. 13 highly customizable sound alteration features including the Tone Generator 3. 2 mixers 4. Visual customization abilities including zoom and window alteration. 5. Amplitude alteration, an easy access set of basic controls; each with its own hotkey shortcut 6. Trimming/duplication abilities 7. Highly useful toolbar 8. Lively interface; not your typical gray screened program- this allows the user to navigate the program easier. Plus, the interface is changeable, so if you don’t like the way it looks, you have the ability to change it! 9. Has the ability to read multiple types of files: PCM Wave, AIFF, mp3, Raw audio data. 10. Beginners and experts can enjoy the features this program offers.
Cons: 1. At a first glance, this software would appear complicated to a person new to editing audio. -1 2. Trial version doesn’t allow the user to save his or her work. -1
NGWAVE Review By: Trevbork 8/10 - Wonderful program NGWave is a simple program that integrates many high end features into a small sized yet attractive and...