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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Record & Publish Full-Motion Video to Flash just got better - Introducing ViewletCam.

Designed for business professionals, ViewletCam requires no special training or costly consultants. It is a fast, easy, cost-effective way to produce high-quality, interactive, animated content for distribution on the Internet, via e-mail or on CDs. Simple to use, just capture a video recording of your product or service directly from your computer screen.

Yes, you can capture the entire screen, a designated area of the screen, a single window, even a single pane or object within a window. Enhance your video with images, callouts, text, and audio. Then generate high-quality rich media content that can be played on over 97% of the world's Internet-connected computers as well as many mobile devices.

Capture animations, scrolling windows, user interactions such as dragging and dropping objects on the screen, dynamic content like stock price data or news feeds from on-screen "tickers", even Flash movies and video.

Easily record full-motion video from your PC Screen Create dynamic simulations, demos, and presentations by recording PC applications, PowerPoint presentations, animations, and video in real-time directly from your PC screen.

Effectively capture and share any PowerPoint file ViewletCam's PowerPoint Add-in makes it even easier to quickly record every aspect of your PowerPoint presentation including animations, transitions, audio, and video.

Create small, secure files Produce streaming Flash files that are small in size and secure from unauthorized modifications to your content.

Add voice-overs and music to your presentation Connect with your audience by walking them through a complex process. Easily record CD-quality, stereo enabled, voice-overs or background music directly into the Viewlet itself.

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Quick and Easy Proof of Concept?

By Gasdark on Mon, 2006-10-16 00:56
Pros: -Easy interface -Functional Video recording -Easy file conversion -Lots of touch up options -Recorded Images/Video are high quality
Cons: -Recorded Video Maxes out at 10fps -Can't take in game footage -The "single window" capture can be touchy
ViewletCam succeeds in combining a number of other programs into one all around smooth product: or so it's hyped. I'm glad to say that in this case it seems to live up to expectations. ViewletCam is...